General Counsel Services

General Counsel Services/Business Practice

Paul Haberman provides quality legal guidance in the drafting and negotiating contracts in a broad range of industries and professions, as well as in providing general counsel services. His business clients are involved in such varied industries as professional certification, industrial equipment manufacturing, event planning/set-up, translation services, fitness, property management, commercial/residential real estate, brand management, day care, professional photography, food and beverage, and public relations.

Employment Agreements

Finder’s Fee Agreements

Model Release Forms/Modeling Contracts

Non‐Circumvention/Non‐Disclosure Agreements

Event Agreements

Intellectual Property Assignment

Photography Package Agreements

Lease Agreements

Podcast Agreements



A veteran of multiple well‐regarded Northeastern law firms, Paul S. Haberman has extensive experience representing companies, institutions, and individuals in the medical, construction, hospitality, retail, consumer, entertainment, and sports industries in both federal and state courts, where he has secured scores of victories in dispositive motion practice and a range of favorable outcomes on trial, on appeal, and through negotiation.

Breach of Contract



Intellectual Property

Civil Racketeering

Medical Malpractice/Negligence

Wage and Hour


Business Break-Ups